I Know you are HereπŸ’–!

Posted: January 1, 2022 in Uncategorized

I know you are always Here

I feel your presence

I feel your smile

I feel your everything

I know you also feel me a lot


Wait my post silently.

Because we have life time Love

Unnamed loveπŸ’•πŸ˜˜ Ummmaaahhh!

Definitely u will read it and 😊 give me smile with πŸ’• Love!

Welcome 2022…Good Bye 2021..!

Posted: December 31, 2021 in Uncategorized

Number is changing


Life is not changing

Life is still missing someone very very special

Hope this new number will keep us together ❀️

Always and forever πŸ’ž

Stay Happy and always live in my heart

My dearest πŸ’—πŸ˜˜ 007πŸ’•πŸ’žπŸŒ„

Happy New year with Hugs and 😘😘😘!

For My sweetheart 007!

Posted: September 28, 2021 in Uncategorized

Teri awaaz sunnay ko sada bay taab rehta hoon

Mery hamdam, mery hamraaz, Muja aik baar tu mil ly!

Voice of Love

Posted: September 25, 2021 in Uncategorized

Whenever i see you on my post

I feel a voice

Voice of Love

I know you remember me


You are just silently reading my Post

One day we will meet

After a very long journey of sadness and Happiness..!



Aur sari Zindgi ka Rishta..!

Happy Birthday My Sweetest 007!

Your Love in my heart is a Life time tree

That gives me shadow in sunny β˜€οΈ days

Your place in my life is unexplainable

Just i know

I πŸ’• Love you so much

I miss you always my soulmate πŸ’πŸ˜˜πŸ₯°πŸ’•πŸ₯°!