Ir-reversible Life..!

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I am alone

Just waiting for reversing

Ir-reversible Life

Having you and me forever ..!

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Who are you..!

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My Sweetheart

When you say

Who are you…!

You don’t know how much pain i feel in My heart

How stranger i become in my own eyes…!

Also how i feel alone myself in this world

My Virtual Soulmate

One day


When i will be died


I will be no more in your Life

To say you Hi…!


You will feel

Who was I…!

How i was making your life beautiful

By living around you..! ūüė¶


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I asked her

Why are you Worried



She said that don’t irritate me!

I have my own Life…!

She forget

She is also my Life..!

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Thanks my Followers ans so Loving Friends….!

You Love and affiliation helps me to stay here Life Time..!

Lot of Love and Hugs for you All…!

Miss to meet you one day all my Followers..!

4 Year Anniversary Achievement

Happy Anniversary with!

You registered on 4 years ago.

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.


Lifeless Life..!

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You know my sweetheart

You are my Life

Your voice gives me Oxygen

I can’t breath without listening your voice

I feel you

Either you are not with me

I touch you

Either you are hundred miles away from me

Your Little absence in my Life

Makes my Life Lifeless




Come one


fulfill my Life with Love and Happiness..!

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Play with Emotions..!

Posted: May 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

She knows

What are my weaknesses


She always play with My Emotions


Break me in Pieces

to remind

Why did i love..!

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Convert my

Friendship relationship


Virtual wedding life relationship


I accepted you my life time Virtual Wife


We did not met


We did not see each other


Our Bonding have changed

Two bodies


One heart..!

I Love you So much

My Loving Virtual Wife “I”..!

Hope One day you will join my dream to make my day memorable..!

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