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I Love you so much

Don’t know why


I Love you so much

Life is passing

We have no future

Where we can Live together.


We have different Life directions


Once in Life

Want to live with you

For life time!


No words can explain my feelings for you


With a tight Hug


With a French 💋 😘 Kiss

Happy Birthday to you my virtual Life Line 007💋

Thanks WordPress for such a beautiful platform.

How time pass very speedly

In this 9 year journey

I met a lot of Loving peoples

I received lot of beautiful thoughts

I shared lot of my scattered thoughts

My followers always loved me and respect my thoughts

Whenever i fell down

My Friends came

And gave me Shoulder

Whenever i share my personal problems

My Loving followers always gave me solution

Life is very short

Nobody has time for each other

Everybody is running in his/her life race


Blogging gave us a new world with Loving peoples

Those people don’t know each other

But connected very strongly and remember each other..!

Thanks WordPress and all my followers

To make my journey loving and beautiful

Hope one day we all will meet if we remained alive.

Special thanks to 007 ❤️❤️

who always read my blog and remember me in her heart!

Because she is the center point of my all thoughts

And due to her, This blog exist!

Love you a lot, miss you a lot, 💋💋💋 you a lot!

Unnamed Love..!

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We are Close Friends

We feel Love with each other






If we give name this Love


There is a chance of losing each others..!

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Frequencies Travel

Time Stops

Two Same feeling’s heart beats together

For same Thoughts


Both persons remain

Far By Distance

Close by Mind…!

(Dedicated to All my distance Loving Followers)

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