Surrender the Life..!

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I am surrendering the Life

Against Allah will..!

5 Year Anniversary Achievement

Happy Anniversary with!

You registered on 5 years ago.

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

Today my notification bell showed me message

“You registered on 5 year ago”

 This message recalled

All stories and all loving people faces in my mind

Whose support and courge made me to stay here


To explore the Universe and specially meet the Loving peples Like you all..!

Thanks to all my followers for staying with me in this journey..!

Hope this journey will continue till death…!

Miss you all

Lot of Love to all my special followers..! 🙂



Virtual Life…!

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Its very difficult to find yourself

In Real Life


In Virtual Life



Virtual peoples are more then real Life peoples..!

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Her Voice..!

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Her voice

Is my Life


For a long time

I just nerver listen her voice


I want her Life…!

She thinks

I am selfish


I am………..!


I always wannas see her Happy..!

I couldn’t see her in pain…!!!

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 She choose to leave

For Life


For Death…!

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Sound of Pain…!

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 Heart breaks


Sound of Paind

Can never be listened by people..!

Write The Life..!

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I feel i should write the Life


My words are flying


Insist me

Never try to combine us


If they (words) combined

My Life will be opened in front of this world

The world in which,

There is no any person

who will heal Life wounds

 Except those persons who are my Life


Without them

My Life is nothing…!