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When you do all personal work of your BOSS

No matter what is your Job description

You will always get A+

You never-ever need to come office on Time


You are always on Official duty (BOSS Mrs. duty)


How an office work performer will get A+

Either he/she does day and night work of him/herself

As well as

Work of Official duty colleague…! 😦

It’s the culture of today professional Life…!

Silent Love….!

Posted: February 27, 2015 in Love, My Words
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Most of the Time

Feelings live in our hearts

Those become Love

But we don’t tell others about our feelings

We just like to see

not to touch


We have feelings of Silent Love


Pain of Distance

Wish i could tell her my Feelings…!

Love your Parents…!

Posted: January 24, 2015 in My Words
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As for As time is passing

Parents get Older day by day


Life is decreasing

Age is increasing


Their struggles for surviving is still going same



& only work for Children


When time has made them older

I see……!

My heart cries with Love & emotions

Not due to their Old age

Just because

i wish i could do something for them

I wish could find my heaven under their feet

i wish my struggles live forever for my parents


I Pray

May Allah gives

Long and Healthy life to my and All readers parents….! Ameen!

(Dedicated to my and All readers Parents)

Sometimes in Life

People just time Pass

No concern….!

What you are doing

what you are dressing

What you are thinking

What you are liking

How much you are missing

How much you are believing


They just have to time Pass

and Leave you…!

Life is a Run…!

Posted: January 18, 2015 in My Words
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Life is a run

Some run fast

Some run Slow

Some run for materiality

Some run for Spirituality


One day all runs end

Some one get Victory

Some one get defeat

And all efforts become history

With a name plate

Displayed on grave…!


Life run still remain..!