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I can’t Stop…!

Posted: December 17, 2014 in Images
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I always try to came in your real world


your pencil draw me

But you always leave me In-complete…!

Because you enjoy my In-completeness…!

Sky Is The Limit…!

Wish i could fly to meet my Dear Loving Followers..!

Today i was sitting and was thinking that my words are not mine πŸ™‚ ..!

So that i was worried about it and decides to share with you…is it right??

Basically words are the output of experiences those i got from different nature peoples..!

In life, different nature people gave good and worse attitude/behaviors….!

Sometime behaviors hurt and some time it makes me happy…!

So that, My words are not mine.

These are the reactions of people’s behaviors in shape of my thoughts and my understandings of peoples..!

Although, i always try to to make these words mine, but perhaps it would not be possible in this Life…!