Happy Birth Day to My Love One…!

Posted: September 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

I wanna say

I Love you So much



Happy Birth Day to you my Dearest Love..!

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Your Birth Day is a day

When I am starting my new Life Journey

In this journey

My Soul has attached with you all..!

No matter where I am

I am always with you as i promised

My Day will start with you and end with you


I know my words are not enough for you Today


My words are not as much as deep to explain your feelings

I know you love me a lot


You will live with me forever till death..!

  1. shadisardonix says:

    Wish somebody wrote me a poem and posted it on their blog (ahem, ahem, January 1, ahem, ahem) LOL. This is soo sweet!

    — Bless

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  2. shadisardonix says:

    * Thanks for following my blog! But check out the reinvention of shadisardonix. See, | LENAUGNE | (https://lenaugne.wordpress.com/)

    — Bless

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