Posted: November 8, 2016 in Love
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Do you think…??

Any relationship can be based


Just Compromises..???

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  1. Mari says:

    Not at all! In my view, the relationship must be based on love!

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  2. Mari says:

    How about you? It seems that you know more on the subject…

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  3. grannyK says:

    A relationship might not be based on compromise, but in every relationship there is a certain amount of compromise going on. I’m not sure 2 humans could ever live together and not compromise at some point! hehe

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  4. adsunsri says:

    Compromise and we end up sacrificing all our desires, passions, creativity..

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  5. buddy71 says:

    not just only compromise but understanding and respect too, just to mention a few
    relationships are about give and take and make it work.

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  6. Well I don’t think it can. You have to have love in a relationship, trust and honesty otherwise how can you be happy?

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  7. rniks24l14 says:

    Compromises , sacrifices come naturally from within when you are in love.
    Only the person who have ever loved someone in their life unconditionally knows how good it feels to sacrifice.
    It’s a part of things that come along with love.
    Also, here ‘compromise’ doesn’t mean something ‘wrong’ or ‘illegal’ has to be done.

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  8. rniks24l14 says:

    (Who has*) grammatical errors.

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  9. Esther says:

    Compromising is the root of all lasting relationships. Love is definitely the first in the equation, but without compromising, it is bound to not go well. No two individuals are the same, and you have to compromise so that the two of you would still be convenient in the relationship

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  10. D'Dream says:

    For me I think there is going to be compromise one way or the other. Sometimes we compromise because we know we are not perfect and so the person we are in love with.
    Compromise is a way of accepting and demonstrating our love irrespective of our partners fault. #my2cents

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  11. Niharika says:

    Who is taking advantage of ur love?

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