Single Life But…!

Posted: November 3, 2016 in My Words
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I have only Single life to live


I wanna be a Doctor

I wanna be an Engineer

I wanna be an Accountant

I wanna be a Marketer

I wanna be a Businessman

I wanna be Human resource consultant

I wanna be a Politician


Much more…!

I wanna be what i want any time


Why Society stop me…???

When i try to change my

Life Profession

Life Interests

Life Goals

Life Habits

or anything..!.

Also advise me

Don’t let change your Life Goals and Professions


It is dangerous for your future..!

I ask them a question…..!!

If today, i does’t change myself

Then how could i explore this world in a Single Life…???????


I have no second Life..!

Image result for depressed


Help me!


My single work is burning

My Single Life very speedily


I am so depressed

Image result for depressed

How could i over come this situation


Satisfy myself..!

(Waiting for your Comments/Guidelines/Help)

  1. kelleysdiy says:

    All you can do…all you can be…is you! Do what you love, what will embrace your soul…my prayers and thoughts are with you 😉

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  2. Sha'Tara says:

    Everybody faces this sooner or later and most just reach for the beer… In reading it, I thought, well you can simply be a “Wanna Bee” and buzz around, gather pollen, make nectar. Or you can change your perspective. Have you seen the movie, “The Matrix”? Lots to learn in there about choices, but real choices are always, always very difficult to make. It’s always up to us, whether to believe in the Status Quo, or choose to believe in ourselves and escape from the psychological prison that is man’s civilization.

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    • Your words always inspiring on my every thought.Thanks for your comment Sha’Tara..!
      I know later or sooner every body faces this situations in which he/she wants to do some thing new or just want to see the world but society norms and future fairs always stop us to change ourselves..!
      I really want to break this prison..! 😦


      • SimplyAboutLove says:

        Then decide to do it! Surround yourself with positive support and follow your dreams ….. believe in YOU …. only you know who that is and what that looks like. I love what Sha’Tara had to say! Blessings and prayers


  3. marieliane says:

    Faites ce que vous avez envie d’être et surtout croire en vous la est l’essentielle.

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  4. Phédrienne says:

    Mais justement, c’est votre vie, à vous tout seul rien que pour vous, donc, la devise de Rabelais “fais ce que vouldra” est pour vous ! Rien ne presse, vous avez toute …votre vie à faire (et les autres ne la feront pas à votre place, imaginez qu’ils font des bulles au lieu de parler, des bulles avec des fleurs et des poissons dedans, cela vous embêtera beaucoup moins)


  5. mehwish says:

    Fight back. Fight for the passion that burns you. In the end you could at least have tried 🙂

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  6. Great post! It is like how most of us feel all the time!

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  7. D'Dream says:

    In the end. It is ourselves that we will unhappy for all that should have been or not.
    This who walk, do so with the crowd
    Those who run run with few
    Those who fly mostly fly alone

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  8. Love your creativity!

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