Damn Care…!

Posted: October 27, 2016 in Uncategorized


She damn care

When i am in serious trouble


I feel that she will ask me


She does ignore my feelings


Ask me, It’s Okey

We will talk later when you will be fine…!


May Be

It’s the reality

Your all love ones leaves you lonely


You are in trouble

They just give you company

When all situation are good and favorable..!

Image result for broken soul drawing

  1. Sha'Tara says:

    Hence the terrible weakness of love; the value of self-empowerment and realizing that a fulfilled human life is a life of giving, of compassion, never one of expectations to be fulfilled by others. Earthians have been led down the garden path of foolishness in the latest centuries will all the focus on “love” and particularly romantic/erotic “love” which is simply utterly selfish people seeking their fulfillment from “the other” and a disaster looking for a time to happen. So much depression today because people have been deliberately deceived by the propaganda of “love” which is a great thing for the merchants and pimps. From disappointment that the love promises failed over and over, they’ve grown uncaring, unwilling to look at their world, plunging into fear and hate then into despair. Then came the drugs… and things just keep getting worse. Some day in the distant future a generation of Earthians will awaken to the fact that faith, hope and love, the three greatest “virtues” of mankind are placebos; they don’t work. Then a new species of Earthians will arise and become actual humans, completely self reliant, self-empowered, empathetic and a new world without controlling forces, government, bosses or divinities will emerge. So I’ve seen it, but the road is a long and difficult one.
    See what one little poem can do? 🙂 Keep writing!


  2. beautifully captured.

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  3. oh! this touches such a chord in me! there is some one in my life that I love with my whole being but when I reach out, they dont reach back. so I wait until they reach out. I dont know if they are in trouble, I know they are in pain …. pain ….. lots of pain that I dont understand and I not sure they do either. We love, we just dont know what to do. hugs

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